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18 Aug

I’ve probably started about 4 blogs in my time and they’ve all fallen by the wayside in time as I’ve forgotten about them or found other more/less productive ways to spend/waste my time.  This will probably go the same way but I’ve more online time on my hands at the moment so worth a shot.  I’ve long been a believer in “If at first you don’t succeed try, try, try again and then stop.” so I’m breaking with that in this case, let’s hope it’s not a fatal mistake (Did anyone ever die from the act of blogging?  I’m sure people may have died from what they’ve blogged but that’s not quite what I mean).

Anyway, what sort of blog?  Well you can go with a themed blog, which is quite limiting.  I considered doing a play on Lurker’s Log, a site section from a forum I used to be on that consisted of identifying (in an often quite nasty way) stupid things people had written on other sites, “Terrorism should be banned” was the classiest comment we ever found, but it’s been done and is being done by better than I.

So self indulgent pap it is.

So why the extra online time on my hands?  Well I’ve always tended to enjoy comment and chat sites until I feel they’re bringing me down in a soul destroying orgy of futility.  I left Channels because it got too fighty and annoying and yesterday I threw in the towel, at least pro tem, on the DT Blog site.  The crucial moment was discovering that they seem to have employed a blogger designed to feed the ravening anti-immigrant hate that has grown from a small hardcore of BNP supporters about 4 years ago to a heckling mass that overwhelms the site.  Pro tem because I don’t rule out going back but the longer one stays away the harder it is to return.

Coincidentally, an hour or two after my decision DickMandrake tweeted a link to a zelo-street blog which suggests that bloggers are incited by the DT to feed the frenzy of hate among the commenters.  This may or may not be true.  It’s denied by Ed West, DT blogger and as far as I can tell decent chap, but two other DT bloggers (Tom Chivers and Daniel Knowles) asked about it are staffers and they haven’t responded (Daniel may be on holiday though).  Could be Ed isn’t affected as he’s never been in the warn zone.  Could be all sorts of things.  I’m guessing.  Won’t know unless the DT says something about it.  I’m willing to believe that some DT bloggers post what they actually believe in, but once you know that some might be playing with their positions to work their way up the leader board can you really trust them?  It’s internet as popularity contest and it’s not a game I like.  I’m never going to win any popularity contests, unless the judge is my wife and the opposition isn’t a curry (I exaggerate, of course, for comic effect).

Anyway, decision to leave was mine.  If anyone would like to take credit and claim to have “won” something as a result feel free to do so I won’t stand in your way but I do reserve the right to point and laugh at you at some later stage.

Now, before we go much further a little note on grammar and spelling.  I am a grammar and spelling Nazi.  I make no bones about the matter and this is despite the fact that I have a slightly fractious relationship with commas mainly due to too much Thucydides as a young lad.  What really brasses me off is people telling off other people for bad English and using bad English to do so.

So here we are time available to blog, self indulgent pap is my “theme” and off we go.

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One response to “Blogs, Blogs, Blogs

  1. The Alien

    August 19, 2011 at 10:32 am

    Most enlightening, I feel I know you better now. Fully agree with the mob mentality on the DT, a bunch of do or die hardcore Delingpole worshipers, Staines over at Order Order has a bunch of attack dogs that lurk constantly ready to pounce on any unsuspecting soul who dares to disagree with him.
    Truth is never welcomed.


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