People Looking For Conspiracies Can Be Made To Find Them

22 Aug

In the last blog I touched on the Great Climate Change Conspiracy in which people are making money and seem very loathe to give that up and as such are being quite dismissive of claims that Climate Change is baloney.  Obviously some people see this as some sort of massive conspiracy.  Key among these are those followers of the great interpreter of interpretations Delingpole, the Delingpoleros as Tom Chivers dubbed them.  These valiant fighters against the Great Climate Change Conspiracy are vowed to bring down the Great Climate Change Conspiracy and open up debate so that all sides of the scientific dispute can be aired equally and with fear or favour.  Or rather they aren’t.

In fact having seen years of the counter argument being dismissed out of hand by the evil conspirators they now turn the tables by dismissing anyone who doesn’t follow their own beliefs and those of their demagogue equally out of hand.

And they don’t like me all that much.

Now I remember when James was just another blogger and his blogs elicited comments in the 10s not the 1000s.  Back then his blogs were reasonably entertaining, he covered a wide variety of topics and he seemed like a reasonable guy.  Interestingly those now known as the Delingpoleros were not much in evidence, they came later.  Then we had climate gate.  Then James got the adulation of the masses he had been praying for since he was a little lad and frankly I think it went to his head.  His blogs have become steadily more self righteous as his backing and the endorsement of his beliefs have been ratified by similarly thinking people in his own little echo chamber.  He referred to himself as a “God Emperor” and the cult of Delingpole  seized on this, reinforced his ego mania and the whole thing has snowballed.

To be fair to James, we are all interpreters of interpretations.  We all see, read and experience and when we relay these things to other we interpret what we have interpreted.  Still, bit of an odd way to put it.

I do also agree that Climate Science has been politicised to such an extent that the movement has very little to do with the science.

I don’t agree that the way forward is to rant at anyone who disagrees with you.  That’s the sort of behaviour that we expect from Al-Qaeda and the BNP.  Ranting.  Mad as.

But let’s go back to the Delingpoleros, it is they who reinforced James’ beliefs in the echo chamber, who poured constant praise on him and introduced him to any peripherally related conspiracy to tie into the Great Conspiratorial Theory Of Everything.

I know them to be a bit gullible.

Months ago, having tried pointlessly to get people to calm down a little as they were doing the cause of opening up the science more harm than good one of their number suggested I was a DT moderator.  Commenting on one of their wordpress blogs I put my email as the DT Blogs moderator email, and my website address as  WordPress requires you to put an email address in when you comment.  It doesn’t need to be a real one.  This I did in the spirit of humour.  “Oh yes, ho ho, you think I’m a moderator”.  What a mistake to make.  Some took it as confirmation that I was indeed a moderator.  Some accuse me of posing as a moderator for some nefarious reason.  I must work with the DT website in some way, said others.  Delingpole himself ordered that no one should respond to anything I wrote (which lasted about 10 minutes).  I was apparently personally responsible for the removal of one of their number from the DT site (I wasn’t actually, the DT removed someone repeatedly obnoxious who had been asked to put a lid on it, who then came back under a variety of guises with increasing levels of abusiveness.)

They created their own conspiracy theory, from a single comment on a wordpress site.


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One response to “People Looking For Conspiracies Can Be Made To Find Them

  1. analien

    August 22, 2011 at 10:24 am

    Delingpole? A journey to insanity lol. I have seen evidence of megalomania, if he is aware of it or not I don’t know. As far as interpretation of interpretations goes like Chinese whispers its shouts with his attack dogs, I wonder who they are?


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