Prepare For The Worst, Hope For The Best – Get Caned Either Way

29 Aug

So Hurricane Irene, New York prepared for the worst possible outcome, staged evacuations, locked down as much as possible and then nothing much happened on the scale predicted.

Now the global commentariat has its say.  “Storm of Hype“, from Toby “Captain Hindsight” Harnden in the Telegraph. “Hurricane of Hype“, from Sebastian Smith of AFP.  20 or so deaths and $7 billion dollars of damage seem to be overlooked when there’s a chance for some to take the benefit of their 20-20 hindsight and point out that much of the planning seemed to be unnecessary.

The commenters jump onto their favourite bandwagons:

Obama: “Once again, Obama takes an event and turns it into a crisis, then makes it worse… No doubt we will hear a lot about the NEED for more Federal money to be spent on infrastructure over the next few weeks or months.”

Global Warming as a “scam”: “It fits nicely into the false narative[sic] of Anthroprogenic Global Warming panic.  Warmists were salivating at the thought of all the death and destruction to come.  Weepy Bill McKibben and warmist fellow travellers must be so angry that more were not killed or damage done.

All Mainstream Media is a lie: “I diidn’t[sic] watch any of the media bullshit on tv. Like many, I’m sceptical about nearly everything the media tell us knowing that it is often a mouthpiece for poll rating chasing politicians.

And of course, everything that is ever planned for and doesn’t happen is part of the lie: “This is just the politicians’ way of keeping us in line by hyping the ‘fear factor’.  Remember the millennium effect on computers, avian flu and many other page one wonders that failed to materialise on the scale ‘predicted’ by politicans and promoted by media pundits?

“Many other page one wonders”, so many that he can only name two.  So what if people didn’t plan?  What if they just let it ride?  Anyone knows that the cross over of a new mutation of influenza that can’t be easily treated is more of a when situation than an if, perhaps we just shouldn’t bother trying.  Maybe companies shouldn’t have hoofed vast amounts of money into making sure Y2K wasn’t a disaster, as it turns out that it didn’t happen (hey!  I wonder if all that investment actually stopped it happening), maybe the US should have just ignored the storm going up its eastern seaboard.

I wonder how many of those commenters would be sitting at their keyboards today berating the people in charge if they had done nothing much as they are for doing something?  Every last one of them I’ll bet you.

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