Ed Gets The English And Scots Arguing

06 Sep

You have to love Ed West, he provides a regular venue for hatred (see comments here) and he does it without being overly blatant.  By doing this he keeps a number of pointless and tiresome people off the streets.  I’m sure their local pubs are grateful.  Quick hat doffing to Damian Thompson for keeping the conspiracy theorists busy last weekend too.  Well done Dame (I believe they call him that because he’s a theatrical old woman.)

Anyway back to the latest offering: “The Union will be over by 2030. Fact

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Ed, as an Irishman is gloating over the fact that the Union will be destroyed.  “The Irish hate British people and want nothing more than to see them in pieces”, you think.  Now I know a number of Irish people who will dispute this, I won’t tell you the exact number but if I sit down and work it out I’m not certain it’ll reach double figures.  But it turns out that the desire to see Britain broken up isn’t purely a wish of the Irish.  The British seem quite keen on it too.  A couple of choice comments:

Yeah, that’s it, the Scottish people are different to the Southern English they don’t waste money on stupid things like infrastructure.

Oh, far from taking from the Scots the English give to them as all they produce is biscuits and booze.

And there we have it, the Oil Stealing Infrastructure Builders versus the Biscuity Hand Out Booze Hounds.  Interesting national stereotypes.  As Ed suggests, the dissolution of the union is inevitable and, it seems, welcome.

So what to do?  Some suggest that the UK be run along US lines (some always suggest that, normally the same 2 or 3 people.  Some have even suggested that arming the entire populace would lead to a reduction in crime), Ed suggests regional assemblies.  However many blanch at the idea of yet another layer of government.  But it needn’t be that way, here’s an unworkable idea:

1. Split the country on county lines (adjacent counties can choose to join together Norfolk and Suffolk frinstance)

2. Make each county (or group thereof) its own country (easy on the sign writers) with its own police, military, border patrols, currency, beer, etc. etc.

3. Make an organisation like the EU to run it all.

4. Watch bedlam ensue.

I mean, I don’t care.  I don’t even live there any more, I’m just making this up as I go along.

Let’s just leave with this little nugget:

Divide England, like Holland, into North and South“, Erm … North Holland and South Holland are two provinces of the Netherlands of which there are twelve.  The premise is based on an idea which is wrong.  In fact using a system like the Netherlands is exactly what Ed is suggesting.  FFS.

One last thing, could a few other bloggers write something worth responding to?  I’m concerned by the lack of quality in recent weeks.

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