Why Am I Not The Editor Of This Newspaper?

06 Sep

One wonderful class of comments is the amount of people who log into a website simply to complain about the existence of the blog, the blogger or the article.  To them this comment or person has no place in a paper they are reading and may have paid for at some time in the past and are angry to the extent that they must impart this to the world.

Often such imparted criticisms include the implication that they are going to do something to ensure that the person who posted the offending blog or article will lose their job.  I’ve seen no evidence of this actually happening at any point, ever.  Criticisms range from content of the article to appearance of the blogger.

Clearly the individual concerned has allowed their life to go astray at some point to the extent that they are not the editor of the paper they are reading.

Here I share some with you:

If only these lads had changed the course of their lives at some time in the past so they could be editing the papers they read.  So sad, the wasted opportunities.  (incidentally Scott PG is wrong, not all the blogs are written by 12 year olds just two of them.)

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