Libertarianism, Tax Havens, Arm The Police, Link Voting To Taxation, Bring Back Hanging

07 Sep

Libertarianism – Anything should go in the free market, if people want to pay for it, it should be encouraged if it can make a profit, even the most deplorable hard core porn.

Tax Havens -If the rich can afford to use them, let them.

Arm The Police – An armed force is more effective force.

Link Voting To Taxation – Let only those who pay tax vote, a real poll tax.

Bring Back Hanging – A real deterrent to stop crime.

Happier policies for a happier Britain?

Leaks from the new UKIP manifesto?

The core tenets of the beloved DT Commentariat?

The new campaign from Guido?

Or the policies espoused by one Alan Beresford B’Stard, fictional MP for Haltem Price?

Well the last one obviously, but probably the others too.  Yes, 24 years after Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran created a parody of Thatcherite Conservatism the larger than life policies they jokingly suggested are the stuff that hard right wet dreams are made of.

I find that quite worrying.

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Posted by on September 7, 2011 in Commentariat


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