For Pity’s Sake No!

07 Sep

IDS Calls For Simpler Computers To Help Silver Surfers

Iain Duncan Smith has apparently called for “a much simpler interface to get [older people] online”, “some sort of simpler interface for people who are not going to spend all their time surfing.”

So what’s simpler than a browser?  Once wireless is set up and configured (which any ISP will help with) the average PC or laptop will connect automatically.

If there are any old people who still haven’t managed to get online now (and apparently 6 million haven’t) it’s because they don’t want to or they are too old and set in their ways to want to.  “Ooh we didn’t have any internets when we were young.”

So why do they really want to do this?  What’s IDS after?

Well actually it means that they can sort out their pensions online.  Which reduces overheads and costs.  Presumably once the old dears are doing that it’s only a matter of time before they’re doing their shopping online too.  That’ll save us all the nightmare of being stuck behind them doing 20 in a 30 zone as they go to do their shopping.  This will mean that we can get where we’re going faster and which will help the wider economy.  Then they’ll be doing all their socialising online too which will save more government money in care workers and so on.

So … just a second … all their socialising?  They clutter up every damn discussion site already.  Forcing their opinions out as being relevant.  They are a demographic that still votes so policies are directed towards them and not towards what the changed world needs.

This means that ordinary people who want to just discuss things that matter now, not what we would have done under MacMillan, are going to have to act as their care workers.

No.  I’m not having it.

Can they have a separate internet so the rest of us can be spared?

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