Sort Out The Rubbish And Litter

07 Sep

OK. Tim did a blog post about the evil of plastic bags. He made the fatal mistake of making a reference to Climate Change and now he’s being ‘educated’ by Delingpole groupies on why Climate Change is a massive scam/conspiracy.  Let’s leave that alone.  I don’t care, and neither does he as far as I can tell.

So rubbish and waste.  Dealing with it.

Well recycling obviously.  But then people say send the rest to landfill.  And I say what ‘rest’?  Why is there a rest?

Everything we throw away will either biodegrade (or otherwise rot down) or it won’t.  Okay that’s rather facile.  Everything is either X or not X.  Well … duh.

But that means that we can split it.  Everything that can rot down can go in biomass generators and be used to create energy and fertiliser.  That fertiliser and energy can be used by the populace.

Everything that won’t (rocks, metal, plastic, glass) can be recycled.

We just need the structure in place, and it only takes one municipality to try it.

Set up local biomass generators, people can take waste to it or it can be collected.  Collection points for everything else.

Paints and chemicals are a problem but they’re a tiny tiny percentage.

As for collections, three options:

1. Take your own stuff down.

2. Sort your own stuff and have it collected (small charge involved).

3. Don’t sort stuff, have it collected and let someone else sort it (larger charge involved).

And do charge, by weight or by collection.  Link recycling to personal cost.

Job done.  OK, some initial costs but there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Anecdotally, a Swedish friend tells of a fella he knew who did all this himself.  Anything he was left with he burnt in winter.  So he withheld that part of his taxes relevant to waste collection.  Bailiffs come round, by appointment (this is Sweden) but he’d gone off to live in his cabin in the woods, so they left it.  Mind you, mad as, those Swedes.

Tim you’ll excuse me if I keep this here and not on your blog but it (and the entire site) is infested with cretins.


Posted by on September 7, 2011 in Setting The World To Rights


2 responses to “Sort Out The Rubbish And Litter

  1. analiensaturn

    September 7, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    So somewhere in here there is a price reduction for reusing?

    • Damocles

      September 7, 2011 at 8:14 pm

      If you reuse something you don’t need to pay for a new one.


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