Science Versus Belief

09 Sep

Yesterday Tom, who seems to be suffering from blogarrhoea, blogged about how awful it is that the Republican candidate least likely to get to the road to the Whitehouse agrees with evolution and climate change.  He skipped over the climate change bit, that wasn’t core to his point “Let’s not focus on the climate change thing.” he said and proceeded to write the rest of his blog not mentioning climate change at all.

Rather this Hunstman chap doesn’t accept ID and 6000 year old creationism but goes with evolution.  As do I, as it happens and I’m a bishop of sorts (don’t ask, I’m not going to explain).  I point to 2 Peter 3:8, the measurements of time as we perceive them are as a blink of the eye to the Lord.  The Bible is but an explanation of the world to our simple human minds.

Hey.  Ho.

Tom included an excellent analogy:

It’s like trying to explain the behaviour of football players without acknowledging the existence of a game of football. Why are these strange people running around after a sphere and kicking it to each other? What is the significance of the rectangular white box at the end? Why don’t they use their hands? Sure, we could posit some “laws” of “Association Football”, but that’s just a theory! An alternative theory, of course, would be that an Intelligent Choreographer has ordained them to run in specific patterns for 90 minutes, with the four at the end stepping up together from time to time not because of some mooted “offside rule” but because that is where they have been told to stand. Let’s teach both theories in PE classes, eh?

Tom’s handling was not good enough it seems.  As ever the loonies emerged from the woodwork from the ridiculous: To the abusive:

To the sheerly stupid: And that is probably half the problem.  The idea that if you believe in God then you believe in a bunch of other things necessarily by proscription.  That there is a single set of beliefs that must be adhered to.  If that was true then there would be no theological debate, no argument, no disputation, no Protestantism, no sectarianism, no 30 years war, no 100 years war, etc etc.  Dawkins would probably be burnt as a witch.

And religion and science can stand side by side in the minds of many, one is belief based and the other isn’t.  Maybe science is the tool God uses.  Maybe the answer is ineffable.

Oh and “Let’s not focus on the climate change thing.”:

Fat Bloody Chance.

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