That Private Eye Story, I’m Convinced.

09 Sep

You’ll recall that Private Eye story saying that the DT has a blog league table based on hits.

This is denied by Tom Chivers (Yes, Tom not Tim.  People keep calling him Tim because the i and o are next to each other on a keyboard, it’s funny for about 5 minutes.  5 Minutes which have long since passed):

Still, we expect him to deny it.  He denies he’s a moderator too:

As expected.

Still, look at some of the blogs lately and tell me that this isn’t designed to turn the DT Commentariat Loonies into gibbering maniacs:
Jon Huntsman, the lone voice of scientific sanity in the US Republican Presidential race

The only Republican candidate who accepts the scientific explanation of the origin of man over the biblical zeitgeist hasn’t a hope in hell.  Actually response to the responses over this one is worth a blog in itself.

Anti-gay activists involved in gay scandals: all the funniest on one website

Suggesting to the old majors that homosexuality even exists will bring every loony out of the woodwork.

Muslims feel so British, they’re ready to die for this country

Well … Muslims … Britain … immigration … DT … comment apocalypse (Cristina even makes a slight at the comments in a previous blog that’ll get them stirring.

It’s a terrible time to be young – unless we revise our expectations from life

“Young people today … they don’t know they’re born.”
David Cameron cannot ignore the argument over Europe any more

The regulars have a basic hardcore of UKIP supporters, if nothing else gets them this will.

Play to your audience and all, but try to be more subtle.

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