Pushing The Duffyesque Envelope

16 Sep

Whenever a new regime comes in or a new rule is implemented or a law is enacted a few people feel the need to push the envelope.  To see how far they can take things.

As is the case with the Sean Duffy thing.  A few people seem to have decided to see how far they can push matters online.  OK, Duffy did something most sane people would consider pretty horrendous but now there are going to be people who just want to see what’s acceptable in the post Duffy ruling world.


Thunderf00t on the DT Blogs (unfortunately I can’t share any of sweary nonsense with you because the DT have blown away a bunch of the comments on their own site, elites? Evil moderators?  Incompetence?  You decide.), he also suggested that Sean Duffy simply made a few off the cuff comments. Apparently he edited someone’s face onto a Thomas The Tank Engine vid, set up a fake memorial site and sought out genuine memorial sites to attack … off the cuff.

And wonderfully, Rod Liddle.  I like Rod Liddle on the basis of an article he wrote about 5 years ago (which I can’t find) on smoking where he was smoking outside and some American crossed the street to ask him to put the cigarette out.  Crossed.  The.  Street.  Rod’s written an piece in the Spectator Snorting coke and whoring? It’s all part of the new, non-toxic Tory brand

In this he refers to Natalie Rowe as a ‘black whore’ and Louise Mensch as a ‘minxy blonde’.  Ms Mensch is less than pleased “I am not “minxy”, I am a 40 year old MP & mother of 3 & professional woman.” Double standards I’m afraid Ms Mensch, you didn’t complain about this: Mensch continues to create unusual stirrings.  In fact I seem to recall you were quite chuffed, ran off and told your husband as I recall.

But Rod’s just pushing the envelope, seeing what he can get away with.

King in this regard is Johann Hari (no links required try to not find an article about what he’s been up to).  Although Hari was up to this pre Duffy, before it became vogue.  In which case what’s the difference between Duffy and Hari?  Hari doesn’t even have the ‘excuse’ of Asperger’s.

Expect to see more journos seeing what they can get away with in the coming weeks.

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