The Pernicious Left

21 Sep

Have you noticed how evil the left are?  The perfidy of their opinions, thoughts and actions?  The innate hatred they have for sanity and normalcy in all they say and do?

Why can’t they just be normal and recognise the rightness of right wing, non socialist thought and deed?  What is wrong with them and their group think?

Take any normal right wing policy and then think of the exact opposite of that in the most gratuitous terms possible.  That’s what the lefties think is a good policy.

Take any philosophy that you as an upstanding right wing citizen want to believe and then turn it upside down.  That’s their philosophy.

Take any idea suggested by Obama or Hitler or Chavez and that’s what these socialists want, all of them, implicitly.

Think up something that sounds a bit right wing off the top of your head and immediately that’s the very thing that the Left want to destroy utterly.  The bastards.

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Posted by on September 21, 2011 in Commentariat


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