Brendan O’Neill Takes Some Hits

22 Sep

But then he’s asking for them.  And he wants them.

In an attempt to up his blog’s hit rating Brendan O’Neill has taken a somewhat ridiculous but nonetheless audience pleasing stance on recent US State Executions.  It’s the only thing that makes sense.  He can’t really believe what he’s writing.

Yesterday the US state of Georgia executed a possibly innocent man for murder by shooting.  This despite an outcry from many people across the world and on twitter, including the Pope.

Yesterday the US state of Texas executed a definitely guilty and unrepentant man for murder by dragging him from the back of a truck for two miles.

Brendan claims that there’s a massive hypocrisy from the Pernicious Left because they didn’t oppose the second execution as they did the first.

In fact Amnesty list all US executions on their site.

But why the vociferous opposition to one and not the other?

Well possibly because people are realists and they know that by publicising the execution of a man whose guilt is questionable they can get further in their cause than by publicising the execution of a man whose guilt is not only unquestionable but also unrepented.  Possibly they hope that people who support state execution will look into their hearts when they see that the system is flawed.

Is this hypocrisy?  No.  It’s simple common sense.

Let’s draw an analogy, they almost never work and people get confused by them but let’s do it anyway.

Look at the Netherlands, and look at the euro.

While many countries in Europe, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland and Spain are in recession and doing badly the Netherlands hardly gets mentioned.  Why?  Because it’s not in recession, it was for 2009 but then it came out of it and it’s doing pretty well right now.  So the Netherlands would be a bad example to use when rubbishing the euro, so it never gets mentioned.

Does this make eurosceptics massive hypocrites?

Keep going for those hits Brendan but don’t be such a tart about it.

[Edit: It occurs to me that I haven’t linked to his actual blog, but then I’m sure you’re intelligent people who can navigate to the DT blogs and find it.  I’m not actually going to help him get gratuitous hits.]

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