Delingpole Blog Has Real World Consequences

23 Sep

In a first for him a Delingpole blog has had repercussions and consequences in the real world.

He wrote a satirical blog suggesting that because the Harper Collins atlas had changed Greenland in their latest Times Atlas (which they are now amending) they were also going to scrub out the Maldives, Tuvalu and Manhattan (find his blog yourself if you’re interested).  As satire can often be tricky online as Stephanie Gutmann discovered.  So some papers in the Maldives took it as fact and questions were raised in their parliament.

So the Maldives government has asked the Telegraph to apologise.

Perhaps his parents could also apologise and maybe the PM could apologise for not letting him be in his club at university.

I sometimes wonder how different Delingpole would be if he had, by some freak, been allowed to play in Dave’s club at Oxford.  How much money do you think he’d be making from “Green” jobs then?

Still, maybe he just has aspergers and can’t help it.

[Note: I know that aspergers is a real condition and people do suffer from it, but they do suffer from it.  I object to people claiming they have it in order to excuse their actions, like people who claim sleep apnea because they can’t be arsed to get up in the morning, or people who claim to be dyslexic because they can’t be bothered to learn how to spell.  My cousin has dyslexia and he’s a senior chemist with a multinational.]

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