The Slidable Scale Of Cruelty

26 Sep

Cruelty exists on a slidable scale.  What’s cruel to you may not be cruel to someone else.  That pause before they announce winners on quiz shows may be cruel to some people, yet tedious or even entertaining to others (there was a brilliant Roger Mellie cartoon in Viz where he started to announce the winner and then went out, went to a club, got drunk, picked up a couple of girls, took them home, got up the next morning got arrested, got bailed and then finally returned to the studio before announcing the winner).

To some greeniacs the very existence of slaughter houses is unbearably cruel.  To many others it’s a necessary cruelty (mmm lamb chops), to still others it’s only cruel if a Muslim is present.  Some people think going out into the woods and shooting deer is cruel, to others it’s sport.  A guy I know shoots deer with a crossbow because he thinks it fairer (or less cruel), but he uses a gun for bears (because a crossbow would not only cause a lingering death for the bear but would get him killed too in all likelihood).  Fox hunting, shooting squirrels, taking pot shots as rats, the death penalty, trolling.  There are things we would or wouldn’t each do because we think that they are more or less cruel than others.  Some people don’t see cruelty at all in anything.

But taking the biscuit, the cake and the whole sweet trolley today is a man who thinks that being killed by a Spaniard in a silly hat is preferable to living in a field and shagging occasionally.

To me though, at my position on the Slidable scale of cruelty, that is just plain stupid.  Unless he’s just saying that because he’s a colossal hit whore.  Then it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

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Posted by on September 26, 2011 in Setting The World To Rights


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