Give Yourself A Little Mental Hug

03 Oct

Having been online for donkey’s I’m well used to seeing smart alec comments from idiots.  I imagine them feeling a little shiver as they hit the submit button as they enjoy their little self judged victory.  Little do they know I’m just going to look at their contribution in bemusement, think “twat” and (where I have the rights) hit the delete button.  Which is why in the case of an adult gamer who went round and throttled the kid who kept killing him online I find for the throttler.

You can just imagine the 13 year old kid feeling that little shiver of excitement as he shot him.  Just as you can imagine James or Brendan or George feeling that same little shiver as they hit send on their latest cracking blog.

I’ve played tribal wars and you just can’t compete against these kids who have the time in the bleeding world to play a game when you’re busy living your life and holding down a job.  But you can imagine them feeling a little shiver as they sit in their parent’s basement and send in an attack you don’t have a hope in hell of defeating.

Further you can imagine at the end of the day as they finally log off and go to bed they give themselves a little mental hug to reward themselves for all the annoyance they’ve caused to complete strangers who are simply trying to unwind and this is the only emotional contact they’ll feel all day.

So if you’re the victim of these puerile tossers you can’t go round and throttle them, not all of them.  But you’re a responsible person, you provide for a family, you work hard and you get more than a little mental hug for what you do.

But give yourself a little mental hug anyway … go on … you know you deserve it.

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Posted by on October 3, 2011 in Setting The World To Rights


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