Mad Driving

05 Oct

So I drove into work today on the motorway.  Stuck in traffic there was a woman behind me who was way too close, and kept fiddling with her hair and taking her hands off the steering wheel.  When you’re in slow moving traffic, in particular, you should keep both hands on the wheel.  People are unpredictable at the best of times, and in slow traffic, with the Irish tendency to switch lanes without signalling, full control of your vehicle is essential.

So, after signalling properly, I switched lanes.

And she followed me.

Not once, not twice, but three times, each time without signalling.

Three times I tried to avoid this tailgating inattentive loon and each time she followed me.

Eventually I switched into a lane I knew would be slower and she left me alone.

Later, as traffic sped up I passed her and what do you know?  Oh yes, she slid in behind me, without signalling and too close.

Eventually she left the motorway before me.

After that it was back to the normal Irish motorway idiocy of people occupying the middle lane, ignoring the inside lane or just dozing along the fast lane with no concern as to other traffic.

So I ask, is there any concept any more about things like the 2 Second Rule or Overtaking Lanes or using signals?

I know you can fail your NCT (UK readers this is the same as the MOT) if your indicators don’t work, but why if they aren’t required to be used?

Incidentally, while I’m on this hobby horse, I saw a car from MIS Claims the other day on the motorway.  The driver changed lanes repeatedly without signalling and was clearly speeding.  Is this a good advertisement for a car insurance company?

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Posted by on October 5, 2011 in Setting The World To Rights


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