Back To The ’80s

12 Oct

The 1880s apparently.

The government is cracking down on “Internet Sleaze” as the Mail delightfully puts it.

But what people forget is that prior to the reign of Queen Victoria such things were part and parcel and pubes of every day society.  Pre marital sex would have been the norm, in fact the Germans called it “fenstering”, literally from the boy coming in through the window, but with the knowledge and consent of the girl’s parents.  As long as the kids were engaged or had shown a real commitment to each other.

Pornography was widespread and common, and if anything the lack of knowledge in the Victorian era caused more damage and repression to people than previous years.

But, yeah, let’s get back to those times of sexual repression.  Heck let’s bring back some more things we’ve lost since the Victorian era like child labour and hanging.  That’d so work.

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Posted by on October 12, 2011 in Newsy


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