Merry Christmas

23 Dec

Christmas is fast approaching and I’m going to be going offline for a few days so let me take this opportunity to wish a Merry Christmas to everyone.  And I mean to everyone.  To the DT bloggers, Ed, Tom, Tim, Daniel, Daniel, Pete, Damien, Will, Lucy, James R and even James D for keeping me entertained, amused and often horrified over the last year, to Twitter acquaintances like Dick Mandrake, JamesDellngpole, Plato Says, Hank Heff, The Tortorian, Simon Davies, Derek Benn, Dave Moore for the odd chat and link along the way, to ‘real’ people like Rogue Leader and Traceyspacey and a special mention to Henry Dimbleby for various cooking tips over the year.

And to everyone else, the God botherers, the Atheists (particularly the Atheists), the long and the short and the tall, the bloaters and the skinny:

Merry Christmas.

May the peace and love of Our Lord Jesus Christ descend upon you (oh yes, you Atheists, oh yes) and your loved ones during this happy time.

I’ll be back shortly before the New Year.

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