Letter To Leaders

09 Jan

This is an open letter to David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband, tweeted to them on publication.  I don’t actually expect them to respond.  I’d like them to, I’d like them to take on board the concerns expressed here and try to bring a bit more adult behaviour to British politics.  My hopes aren’t high:


Between you you hold the leaderships of the three most powerful political parties in the UK today, so well done to you for that.  At some point in your pasts you each decided to follow in the footsteps of Catullus, Cato and Cicero and serve the people through politics.  I’ve no doubt that in your youth, your motivation to do this was sincere and well meaning, you sought to serve and hoped that through your efforts you might help create a better and brighter country whatever your personal ideology dictated.

No doubt you feel, by your current position, that you’ve achieved much of what you set out to do, although I feel sure there is more, maybe much more, that you wish to achieve.

But there is more to this achievement to consider than just the actions, there is the legacy, not just of your deeds but of your behaviour.  When I, as an ordinary British Citizen, look at the behaviour of our elected representatives in the House I can only wonder at the sheer juvenility of their and your behaviour.  PMQs is an example of this, when the British people elected you to office it wasn’t so that you could act like you were on X Factor, Big Brother or It’s A Knockout once a week it was so that you could represent our interests nationally and internationally.  Reading reports in the press it appears that they and you care more about petty point scoring and theatrics than about running the country.  Recent behaviour by various of your MPs and yourselves online, in newspaper interviews and so on seem to indicate that the disregard for sensible behavioural standards has slipped across the board.

I’m sure it can’t have escaped your notice that we are currently within a major global recession, perhaps more focus could be directed at that than at the point scoring that these squabbles seem to be designed to bring about.  You were elected by adults could you please look to acting like the same.

With the greatest respect


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