Who Will Vote In The Scottish Referendum?

12 Jan

This isn’t a facetious question, well it’s not an entirely facetious question it may be a little facetious.  The reason to ask is as follows …

… I, for instance, live in the Republic of Ireland and I’m not an Irish citizen so I don’t get to vote on constitutional matters referenda and so on.  If the republic decided to have a vote on leaving the EU or had a load of votes until they accepted an EU treaty I wouldn’t get to vote in it.  Nor should I, I’m a guest in this country and I shouldn’t be determining the long decisions.  Short decisions, like local and national government elections I get to have a say.

Surely then, for Scotland, only people who would have the right to be Scottish citizens if they gained independence should be able to vote.  This would include a lot of people currently living outside Scotland.  It would also exclude a lot of people currently living inside Scotland.  If the act of dissolution of the Union would make you an expat in Scotland you shouldn’t get to vote in a constitutional decision regarding Scotland.  That makes sense and at the same time it doesn’t.

Would I get to vote in it?  I consider myself English but my grandmother was Scottish.  So I could, presumably play football for Scotland (I wouldn’t obviously, I’m awful at football [Insert rather obvious joke here]).  Would that make me eligible for dual nationality?  Would there be any tax benefit to doing that?

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