Far Too Busy Being Nice And Reasonable

27 Jan

“[We] tend to be far too busy being nice and reasonable and balanced.” Claims Delingpole, shortly before pushing Rod Liddle’s comments too far.

Then we get this from his supporter Mad Dano Connor:

“Your work here at DT blogs Oisin77 leaves much to be desired .

Do you have any other tricks apart from wanting to play a juvenile verbal ping-pong game .

If I had my way , I’d have you banned from DT blogs for abusing freedom of speech by shitting on it .

If I was lucky enough to meet you in person , I’d make a point of losing my decorum in the worst sense of the meaning and enjoy every moment of it .
That would wipe the smug git smile of your face .

There are quite a few Liberal Left progressive blogs I’ve debated on , where if I were to taken on your attitude ,  I’d be booted of[sic] the blog within minutes .

Actually , now that I come to think about it , you malicious little creep ,  I think I’ll work on that becoming a possiblity

How “nice” and “reasonable”.

Why does the DT employ someone who endorses this behaviour?

[Oisin is quite safe.  Dano couldn’t find his own reflection in the mirror.]

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