James Delingpole – Not British

02 Feb

Delingpole almost had me agreeing with him yesterday on his blog about the BBC article about Welsh Raymond who lives off the taxpayer and smokes 200 fags a week, until of course he ruined it by suggesting that if Stephen Fry can get work as an actor and chat show host Raymond’s wife, who also suffers from a bipolar disorder, could do the same.  Could the Welsh mother of seven do what Stephen Fry does?  I’ve asked him, but no response as yet.

Why does he do this why does he deliberately sabotage his own articles with nonsense?  His article today explains it.  He’s  scared.  James lives in constant fear or terrorism.

While most sane and rational people recognise that the risk of being killed by terrorists is very small indeed James prefers to quake in fear.  Anjem Choudry is a joke to most mainstream Muslims, he’s a joke to most commentators.  To James he’s the manifestation of his darkest fears.

James says “We’d rather not face up to the full political and social implications of the home grown Islamist terror threat, so instead we tell ourselves it’s all a bit of a laugh, nothing to get too worked up about.”

This rather suggests, to me, that James doesn’t get the point.  We do take the threat seriously, large amounts of time and effort go into making sure that ordinary, sane people can go about their daily lives not quaking in fear.  In fact proportionate to other greater risks we spend extortionate amounts of money on it.

But we’re British, James, we don’t sit in the corner and shiver, we get up, go out and do things, we live our lives and we laugh at idiots who think they can stop us doing that.

Life isn’t one thing or the other, we can deal with things and laugh at them at the same time.  When our forefathers fought the Nazi menace they made jokes, “Hitler has only got one ball”, but they didn’t just make jokes they fought as well so that people at home could get on with their lives.  Equally when London was attacked by cowards in July 2005 did we quake in fear?  No, we got on.  We lived our lives and our cricketers played the first test of the Ashes (and we got hammered, although we went on to win the series).

Buck up, James, we’re British, we don’t flinch, but we do laugh.

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