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08 Feb

Some Blogs I thought I’d take a pitch at writing and subsequently didn’t:

The Curious Case Of Marla Marbles

I made a glib comment on twitter about Ian Paisley’s heart failure (who knew he had one sorta thing) and this woman suddenly had a go at me, then I had a look and she’s been trawling for any comment about him and sniping back at anyone who says anything a bit nasty about him.  It’s like she’s having a humour failure on his behalf.  What’s all that about?  Talk about wanting to be offended,

Duty In Society

How people whine on about how they have rights in society but scant few mention how they have duties to society.  The relationship with society is symbiotic, we owe it as much as it owes us.  I would witter on for hours about this one.


Where is it?  I haven’t seen so much as a flake.


What makes a leading Colonial Viper pilot go into coffee shop franchising?

Ireland’s SOPA

Ireland’s laws are now dictated not only by Brussels but by any corporation with enough money to threaten a lawsuit.

Hate Forums

Split off forums from major sites created in anger, why they always fail.

But I just can’t seem to get the time to do a full blog on them.

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