How To Deal With Government Attacks On Beer

08 Feb

The UK government is threatening to force brewers to water down beer, the Irish government is threatening to increase prices on booze.

How, in these recessionary times, are we to get round these strictures?  How can we get tasty beer at decent strength cheaply?  How?

I’ll tell you how.

Make it yourself.

You can buy homebrew kits online for an outlay 65 quid you can get an ibrew kit in the UK.  You can’t in Ireland, the ibrew stout wasn’t that great and they disappeared pretty quickly.  The one saving grace of the ibrew system is the dispenser, which is ace.

Or just go to one of the many online or irl shops and buy your kit.  Your initial outlay can be around 50 to 60 quid (euro or sterling) and you’ve got the wherewithal to brew 40 pints, it’ll take about 3 weeks to get your first brew on.  Every time you brew the cost reduces.  And even homebrew lager’s nicer than that American filth you’ve been drinking.

So what do you do?

You’ll need a vessel to ferment in, a kit, a kettle and somewhere to put the beer while it matures.  This is just quidelines, if you want proper instructions search online or ask at your local shop.

1. Clean everything.
2. Stick the contents of the tin in the fermenter, add hot water to dissolve it, top it up with cold, add a jar of honey, let it cool, add the yeast, hops etc, cover and leave for a week.
3. Put the liquid in bottles, in a pinch you can use two litre fizzy drink bottles.
4. Wait 2 weeks (10 days minimum)
5. Drink.

Of course in that intervening two weeks you can ferment and bottle two more batches, if you drink 40 pints a week that is.

Piece of piss, rather than the drink of piss you’re used to.

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