Boxing Religion

15 Feb

I don’t pretend that religion holds all the answers to existence, it makes an attempt to start to understand them as do many things in life.  It often throws up as many questions as it tries to answer.  I do believe in a God. I don’t try to force others to believe in my God, as I don’t see how forced belief is a real state (anyone forced to believe doesn’t really believe, belief is a willing state.)  I know that for some people the mere stating of my belief seems to be offensive to them, for reasons I can only guess at.  I shall guess at them here.  This is simply an attempt to understand an aspect of life through my own perspective.  A relatively harmless pursuit one would think but then one no doubt fraught with offence being taken by some.  Still I can only approach with an open mind and hope others do the same and don’t start going off on one about “straw men”.

I’ve noticed that many people, when confronted with religion and belief make many assumptions about what those beliefs must be and then say how much they hate them and how people who say they are religious must be in these boxes.  Things like:

Religion opposes all abortion.

Religion hates gays.

Religion wants to control people.

Religion is anti science.

Religion is a big man in the sky.

By putting people and religion in boxes it makes it easier, I suppose, for some people to deal with it.  But I’m making a judgement there.  I can’t know for sure why people do this.  Is it an attempt to force order on the world?  Is it driven by hatred?  By lack of understand?  By laziness?  Sure it’s an easy route to take. Just as it would be easy for me to broadly paint anyone who doesn’t follow my faith as a Godless heathen, But then that’s a laziness I won’t allow in myself.  I firmly believe that only through understanding can we reach accommodation and acceptance of all of life’s rich variety and live in peace and harmony, which has to be the goal not only of anyone who believes in a peaceful and loving God but also anyone who wants to live in a peaceful society.

Anyone else is simply spoiling for an argument rather than looking for understanding, to them I simply ask that they steer clear.

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