Gay ‘Marriage’ Will Lead To Bestiality And The Downfall Of Western Civilization

15 Feb

Dano Connor as only he can:

Hey !  Teacher !  –leave those 7 year old kids alone !
All in all you’re just another brick in the Left wall of never ending social revolution .  The war against everything .

There could be other reasons apart from homophobia for opposing ( not celebrating with joy  )  Gay marriage .

Like creeping-gay-transgender-militancy-ophobia for example.

One can oppose Gay marriage as a precautionary measure to prevent Gay adoption .
One can oppose Gay adoption as a precautionary measure to prevent Left wing radical cultural marxist  ” social justice ” obsessives  from introducing cross dressing role playing and postponed gender choice for very young school children .

( As usual, only far right wing, bigotted , homophobic , sexist , stupid,  uneducated , reactionary counter-revolutionary Parents would raise any objections )

Followed by Zooist Pride lobby militancy  ( beastiality ) , lowering of the age of consent , legalization of peadophilia .

So if the reason for opposing Gay marriage is not homophobia , then what is it ?
It is knowing that once the Left camel gets its nose in the tent , the rest of the camel will surely follow after .
When it comes to using young school children as one more of the Left’s lab-rat social engineering experiments , it is better to oppose Gay marriage and err on the side of caution .
Because if you don’t the rest of the camel will surely follow .

The economically bankrupted ,  socially balkanized, atomized ,  de-ethnicized , de-culturalized , de-sexualized , de-nationalised , Islamized , Africanized, de-moralized,  Galatic Bar Room future Western nightmare —  that this busy-body Army of Righteous Saint progressive hacks–wants to inflict upon us and our grandchildren —I want no part of .
Leave those kids alone .

You couldn’t make it up.  You wouldn’t want to.  Oh and he’s an anti-religionist too.

You have to laugh.

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