#Horsegate – A Very Media Scandal

02 Mar

It’s got a hash on the front and a suffix of -gate so yes, it’s a SCANDAL.

Only it isn’t.

We all knew about the Chipping Norton set and Cameron and Brooks months ago.  Anyone who wants to can go on the Met’s site and find out about looking after retired police horses.

“But like, yeah, Dave Cameron rode it and he said he didn’t but he did.”

He rode horses from the stables of someone he’s known for 30 years.  Big deal.

What else is going on in the world?  Syria?  Rathband?  Economic collapse?  What does the post levenson media focus on?  A man who rode a horse but doesn’t apparently have instant recall on every horse he’s ridden.  Woo friggin’ hoo.

So why are they doing it?

Probably because post levenson they’re all sitting on their hands not daring to do anything much in case they get in trouble and possibly thanks to their behaviour that brought on levenson they don’t know how to do proper journalism any more.  So we get this rubbish.

Oh and the puns.  They all love the puns, they’re wetting themselves over the puns on twitter.

Who’ll join me in a chorus of “Do some real work you lazy bastards”?

[Incidentally Watergate was a scandal which emerged from the Watergate office complex, it wasn’t a scandal about Water.  Slapping a suffix of -gate on something to say it’s a scandal is getting a bit tiresome.]

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