05 Mar

So you’re having a convo on twitter and points are made, elucidations are elicited and provided and agreements and understandings and agreements to disagree are established.

Then some arse hat you’ve never seen before turns up, focuses on a point that was long since clarified and twinterrupts.  Now, if you were in a pub and you were interrupting a conversation, even one between people you knew let alone people you didn’t, would you do that?  It’s a fair question and I think the answer is, only if you were a complete moron.

So this goes out to the twinterruptive morons.  If you twinterrupt all you’re getting from me is a little personal abuse and a link to this blog.

Read the whole conversation, even when it goes to blog, and twinteract don’t twinterrupt you bloody idiot.

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Posted by on March 5, 2012 in Commentariat


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