Who Dictates Your Life?

08 Mar

I’m informed, by Tom Chivers, that the word “banter” has been redefined.  It no longer means light chat between mates that, if it gets a bit near the knuckle is okay because you know their sense of humour and they yours and you’ll avoid going too far and if you do go too far they’ll tell you and you won’t mind because they’re your mates.  Now the banter between small groups of people has been extended by the publicisation of social media to allow anyone to say what they want, when they want and to whom they want.

Well I’m not having it.

It’s perfectly alright to call your mates cunts.  They’re your mates and they can do it to you.  Once you move out of the circle of your mates it’s not banter any more.  Banter is defined, with it’s level of abuse and acceptability thereof, by and within your group of friends.

Apparently I’m supposed to let this go.  But I won’t.  I’ve developed a sense of casual arrogance that, as an Englishman is my right, and perhaps even my duty.  And my casual arrogance allows me to be dictated to by 3 people.  In no particular order:

My mother.
My wife.
My God.

The people demanding that banter be redefined are none of these.  They can sling their collective hooks.

By reading my blog you expose yourself to my language, incidentally, I’d apologise for any offence caused but it’s your own fault.


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2 responses to “Who Dictates Your Life?

  1. Rogue_Leader

    March 8, 2012 at 5:44 pm

    True story:

    When I contracted for Asda/WalMart (insert trolley-wrangling joke here) one morning on the way in to head office we were all siphoned into a room and made to sign an amendment to our contracts that specifically forbade ‘banter’ between ‘colleagues’*.

    There was more banter that afternoon than at any time since I started there.

    The WalMart corporation is staffed, in the main, by some very serious-minded individuals.

    *At A/W, everyone is a ‘colleague’.

    • Damocles

      March 9, 2012 at 9:20 am

      Yeah, I’ve noticed that elsewhere, having paid a few hundred quid a day for you to come into their office some employers then expect you to not sit around chatting. Bizarre.

      Seriously, it’s like banning personal internet use, you need that little friction to get over the dullness of the day.


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