An Easy Alternative To Workfare?

09 Mar

No, I don’t have one either.  But as even Ed Milibland tries to come up with a version of Workfare which is a tougher form of workfare then surely someone somewhere must have one.  So I’m looking for one, and I’m open to suugestions.

Real suggestions.  Not glib comments like:

“Don’t have given all our money to bankers.”
“Fix the economy”
“Kick out the immigrants”
“Work fare’s bad”

I can make glib and facile remarks myself, and trust me on this I will.

Proper plans.

I asked Dick Mandrake on Twitter what he’d do and he responded:

“Provide support to help the unemployed into work. Don’t force people into work against their will or if they are sick/disabled.”


“I object to how they can threaten to remove your benefits if you don’t take the unpaid work they assign you. It’s blackmail.”

These aren’t plans not in any specific way.  These are at best nebulous objections.

But if you object you should have an alternative, then it’s a constructive objection rather than unconstructed whining.

So here’s the situation.

Global recession.
High unemployment.
High cost of social welfare.
Diminishing tax revenues.

Solve it.

[Incidentally, I won’t actually be providing an alternative myself I don’t want one, I like Workfare.]


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One response to “An Easy Alternative To Workfare?

  1. Rogue_Leader

    March 12, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    Yes, I object. If there’s a job to be done, whoever does it should be paid a proper wage.

    So, there you go: all the ‘workfare’ schemes should be sorted into ‘work’ and ‘make work’. The ‘work’ positions should be given to workers who are paid by the people who benefit from their labour – whether or not that’s the taxpayer – and the ‘make work’ positions should be derided as the Stalinist atrocities that they are.

    It’s a system that’s done us proud for a few thousand years so far.

    And a counter-cyclical government spending program should be implemented immediately. Demand and confidence need to be restored. We shouldn’t be spending money on ridiculous programmes to massage the unemployment figures and satisfy the tabloid-inflamed brain-dead ‘common sense’ brigade.


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