Ice Cream Activism

14 Mar

Now I don’t like ice cream, that’ll shock quite a lot of people.  It tends to, I don’t know why.  Some people just don’t like things.  I’d have it if it wasn’t iced but melted down and drinkable but then it’d be cream and probably a bit sickly and frankly on a hot day I’d rather have a beer.  But it turns out that Benny & Jerry, purveyors of ice cream, have brought gay activism into ice cream by bringing a gay marriage friendly flavour to the UK.  Will Heaven reports on it in his blog, unfortunately for him Delingpole outscooped him on that one by two and a half years. Outscooped, you see what I did there?  [That rather awful joke was the main motivation for this blog.]

So, socio-poltical activism in food?  Activism in food is generally kept confined to people bleating about GM crops on one side and the rising cost of grain due to “green” fuels on the other.  For my part; GM crops, I don’t really care, and if the rising cost of grain affects the price of beer, I do care.  But this is a different breed, it’s using food to advertise socio-politics instead of using socio-politics to complain about food.  Good thing?  Bad thing?  Don’t know, don’t eat ice cream (incidentally we’re getting new freezer which my wife informs me will be filled with ice cream.  This seems to me to be a waste, especially since I’ve learnt we can buy a whole prepped lamb from the local estate.  Yes, a WHOLE LAMB.  Sweet.  As.)

Why do Ben & Jerry’s stop there?  Why not cover the whole gamut of marital partnership?  “Male” flavours and “female” flavours packed with a small containers of mixed flavours to denote kids, single large tubs with small tubs to denote one parent families, small tubs on their own for orphaned children that can’t get adopted due to draconian government legislation?  Embrace the concept Ben & Jerry, if you’re going political with your ice cream go the whole hog (a chocolate tub packed with a vanilla tub could really piss off the BNP).  How about a couple of out of date tubs for those old couple who meet and marry in retirement homes?

Speaking of which … Our Catholic friends have been extolling the virtues of marriage for the raising of children.  Does this now mean that older couples will not be permitted to marry?  That fertility tests will be required before marriage?  That the church will annul marriages that result in no progeny before the couple is unable to bear children (unless some serious science is employed)?  No.  Of course it won’t, because marriage is about love between two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together and declare that love to the world.  Love.  Because Jesus is about love.  He’s not about the hatred and melodrama and ice cream that’s being touted now.

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