Post Levenson Journalism: Crap

30 Mar

The leaders of the two main parties are meeja types, Cameron is ex-PR and Moribund is apparently a former TV journo (although with whom is unclear).

So politics has become increasingly led by the media.

Unfortunately for the media post-Levenson journalists seem ultra reliant on Social Media to get any sort of lead to anything rather than using traditional methods. This is because they are scared to use traditional methods in case they transgress some line or, having relied on despicable methods for so long, they don’t actually know how to.

Unfortunately in using social media they are limited to people they are in touch with and not to any new sources of information such as anyone north of the Watford Gap.

So the media is feeding on the media and this is why they, and in turn politicians, focus on horses, pasties and any damn thing they can tag -gate on the end of.

And why they all dropped the ball on Bradford West.

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