Elgin Marbles And Falklands – Same Bleedin’ Principle

03 Apr

There are two claims of ownership being forced at the British people at the moment, The Elgin Marbles and The Falklands.

On the latter whenever this rears its head someone on the Argentine side starts bleating about Diego Garcia.  They say that because the British, as part of an agreement with the US, forcibly repatriated the inhabitants of Diego Garcia in 1971 then the claim that the inhabitants have the right to self determination is in some way negated.  This is tantamount to saying, you did this thing that was wrong 40 years ago so you have no right to do the right thing now, do the wrong thing because that’s what we want you to do.  Which is bollocks in anyone’s language.

But this does come down to self determination.  If the Falklanders want to remain British then they should have the right to do so and the British government should defend them, same would go for Gibraltar.

And maybe the same for the Elgin Marbles.  If the Greeks can bring these statues to life and they express a wish to return to Greece they should be allowed.  However if the Greeks can’t bring their own economy to life I can’t see them having much luck with some 2400 year old statuary.

In both cases, they’re ours.  Sod Off.  Do you not understand that?  What’s the issue?  The “sod” or the “off”?


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