Stealing The Mechanic’s Spanners

05 Apr

Interesting blog from Dan Hodges in which he calls for more surveillance so that the police and security services can do their jobs more effectively.

So, there’s a fault with your car so you take it to a garage where you don’t trust the proprietor and leave with their spanners, still expecting them to fix your car.

Makes little or no sense.

So it is with our relationship with the state, the police and the security services.  We expect them to keep us safe and then refuse them the tools with which they can do so.  We also overlook the fact that in this case, the state, the police and the security services are people just like us.  Once elected we view the state as a nasty spectre out to attack us and hate us.  If people really think that why do they elect them time after time?  Why don’t the “good” and “honest” citizenry present their own candidates who, because of their self evidential non-partisanship and altruistic cause, will no doubt be elected?  Could it be that people get off on whinging about the existing state while offering no alternative?  That doesn’t sound very “good” or “honest”.

The police and security services are bodies made up of citizens who put their lives at risk for the rest of us, they aren’t a separate nation unto themselves.  They are held accountable by the rest of society when they fail but are often constrained from success by that rest of society.

If you saw a crime being committed would you put yourself out to report it and do your best, whatever the inconvenience, to assist the authorities?  If not, would you still complain about clean up rates on crime?

Society, as I say repeatedly, is people working together.  The police and security services are part of society and we must all work with them and help them as they help us and, yes, hold them to account, but we mustn’t take their spanners away and expect them to still fix the car.

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