The Really Worrying Thing About Breivik

17 Apr

One thing I find most worrying about Breivik isn’t so much what he says, but how familiar what he says is.  As you may know I used to use the DT Blogs to comment on issues of the day until the popular opinions of some of the more “enthusiastic” posters grew in me a soul destroying sense of futility such that I left it alone.  But it was comments such as these that echo most strongly with what Breivik says.  Mad Dano Connor for one, agrees with Breivik on so many points.

Go to many of Ed West’s blogs (sorry Ed, but you are a venue for these people much as you disagree with them) and sort the comments on best rated and you’ll see that many people on that site, while they may not agree with Breivik’s actions, agree with the sort of things he was saying in his speech.

Take these comments by Paul Weston (chairman of the British Freedom Party) on a recent blog on George Galloway’s by election victory:

I am afraid the old order is changing now, and nothing can stop it. When the native British were still “native” the old political order could have continued on for many more decades.

But the importation of foreign races and cultures has effectively ended that. Over the coming years we will see more division and societal friction, more riots, more rapes and murders and more retaliation from the whites.

It is unprecedented that an ancient race of warlike people (the English) could possibly accept their soon-to-be-minority status in a land much fought for, when faced with a clear and growing vision of how their children and grandchildren will be treated when they become a minority.

We are entering Weimar Republic times Ed. The 2015 elections will probably be the last of the historical political order in Britain. After that it becomes impossible to predict, but a new era of angry “monocultural” politics is fast descending upon us.

I no longer fully believe our future survival can be ensured peacefully, so why Blair and Brown are not facing treason trials is quite beyond me. I can only hope they will be held to account one day at our own version of Nuremberg.


I don’t see how the Tories can appeal to white working class (WWC) without morphing into the BNP-lite.

The WWC are angry. betrayed by Labour, and most unlikely to vote for the Tories, where will they turn?

It never seemed to occur to our half-witted politicians what the likely outcome of a seriously unhappy WWC could be, but that outcome only waits on the ticking clock of history and reality.

Now read the live blog of Breivik’s speech from AFP.

Do you see an echo between the two?  I’m not saying Weston is going to go crazy and kill a load of people, Weston has chosen political confrontation rather than a violent confrontation, but they both speak of it being “inevitable” that “ethnic” people will become minorities in Europe and that violent confrontation is similarly “inevitable”.  There’s a definite level of agreement between them.

A few months ago I asked people like Dano and other users like him if in the case of such societal discord being “inevitable” they would be prepared to precipitate their “inevitable” civil war by an act of aggression that could be attributed to the “other side”, one of them said yes (and got a few recommends as a result, post Breivik they deny this response).  In light of Breivik’s actions this seems even more worrying.

In an earlier blog I agreed with Dan Hodges that we should give the security services the powers to track and monitor the sort of people that might perpetrate such horrors, I can only hope that we do so and that people like this can be identified by their comments on blog sites like the DT and can be so monitored.

Earlier today, though, Dan said on twitter that he wished Breivik had been shot by the Norweigian police, but I cannot agree.  An easy death is too easy for people like Breivik and it is by identifying and understanding him that we can identify similar risks throughout society and endeavour to stop their own acts of horror.

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