Down A Little Side Street …

08 May

Slightly bizarre blog from Tom yesterday in which he claims that the Internet is nonsense scrawled on a toilet wall simply so he can defend something many people wouldn’t.  What a hero.

Of course he’s wrong.

The Interweb isn’t a toilet wall, it was originally a pub.  And it was quite a nice and friendly pub.  People sat there and chatted or debated at small tables, rarely interfered with one another, and down at the back in the shadows wasthe usenet alt hierarchy.  It wasn’t an exclusive pub as such it was just that it was small and not too well known.

Now things have changed.  The quiet little pub is stil there but it has been surrounded by other bars of various hues and colours.  Some are quiet, some are raucous, some offer wall to wall deviancy.  What was a quiet and friendly little neighbourhood now resembles Cardiff on a Friday night.  People roam the streets vomiting, cavorting and shouting abuse at eachother.  No one polices it because no one can.

And down a little side street there a lane, and down the lane there’s a little alley way and on that little alley way there’s a door and behind the door there’s a little bar, and in that bar there’s a toilet, and in that toilet on any given day you can find Tom, sluicing down the walls.

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