What A Massive Coincidence*

09 May

How queer.  The day after Tom Chivers blogs about the need to disallow comments on certain subjects because of gratuitous offensiveness or legal constraints his boss, Damian Thompson, blogs about a rather fractious issue with the comments switched off.

Oh the furore.  The wall scrawlers have descended on any other blog or article about anything from the Queen’s Speech to the Weather, from the Falklands to US TV Shows, to complain about their right to speak being impinged upon.

But as Tom says:

no one is preventing you from having your say. No one is preventing you from setting up your own blog, and from writing anything you like, within the limits of the law.

And they all miss the key point.  This issue is sub-judice and even if it wasn’t it’s clear that the DT doesn’t want the short sighted, blinkered, EDL/BNP hatred based views clogging up their site.  And it’s about time.

Good work to the DT on cleaning their house before their web presence becomes even more polluted by these knuckle dragging idiots.

*Not a coincidence at all

[Talking of setting up your own blog, some imbecile on Guido’s site is claiming to be me and touting links to my blog.  No doubt this person is pathetically jealous of my greatness and general loveliness and should probably seek help from a small team of psychiatrists. Thanks, though, every hit gratefully welcomed.]

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