Leviticus: Christianity’s Buffet

10 May

To cries of “Ooh No, he’s the Antichrist!” President whatsisname has “come out” (so to speak) in favour (or possibly favor) of gay marriage.

Bizarre.  The US president probably isn’t the Anti Christ, if this were a film it would make plenty of narrative sense for him to be so, but it isn’t.

The religious opposition to homosexuality lies primarily in one book, Leviticus and this brings me to a single question.  To whom does Leviticus apply?

[Note that this is the thought processes of one man, it’s not doctrine, it’s not policy, it’s just me doing what I loosely refer to as thinking.]

It was originally the foundation of Jewish law and it carries forward into Christianity, in part.

Now many Christians eat pork.  It’s forbidden by Leviticus but we still eat bacon and sausages and I, for one, am very fond of pork scratchings.  So are Christians breaking God’s law?  Well in Acts God tells Peter that what was considered unclean is now no longer unclean.  He uses food as an example and later points out that Gentiles are ok too, is he expecting Peter, as a reasonably intelligent guy, to realise that as Christ died for ALL our sins then the gloves are off and what was unclean is no longer unclean?  Does it go that far?  Does Leviticus no longer apply?

It certainly seems to not apply for a lot of Christians, they take the point about food, they take the point about Gentiles.  They also seem to assume that it doesn’t apply to clothing and you don’t see too many people making animal sacrifices as you should do under Leviticus.

In fact Leviticus (and much of Christianity) seems to have become a buffet where people pick and choose what they do and do not want to do.  I don’t think religion should work like that.  Either you think Leviticus applies to you or you don’t.  Either Jesus washed away the sins of the world or He didn’t.  You can’t say “Oh he washed away the sins, but not this one.” to pander to your own unpleasant bigotries.  If there’s one thing Jesus wasn’t about it was unpleasant bigotries, you can see it throughout his ministry.

So if we do dispense with Leviticus what are we left with?  The Sermon on the Mount, the commandments, the ministry as a whole.  What aspect of that ministry suggests going around being unpleasant to people just because they disagree with our preconceptions?

None I can think of.

So just be reasonable and pleasant.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and frankly if homosexuals are allowed to get married what difference does it make to you in quantifiable terms?  Are you less married as a result?  Do you love your spouse less?  Is anyone forcing you to marry someone of the same gender?  No.  On all counts.  If people want to be happy don’t stop them, encourage them.

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One response to “Leviticus: Christianity’s Buffet

  1. ks1962

    May 10, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    The sin of us judging our fellow man:

    I do not know who is going to Heaven or who is going to Hell. I don’t hold that position, that is God’s position ( I thank God for that truth ).

    Why do we judge others, when we are all sinners? We don’t know our brothers heart, or why he is who he is. We all carry the log in our eyes, yet, we ( blind to the truth ), judge.
    We say things like: If he doesn’t change, he is going to go to Hell. Or. I wouldn’t want to be him on judgment day. If we insinuate we know where a man is going, without truly knowing, wouldn’t this make us bearers of false witness?

    We are to love the sinner and hate the sin. Let sin against man’s law, be handled by man’s law and let sins against God, be handled by God. We are allowed ( by the law ) to judge who ( does or does not ) go to jail. Only God, will judge who goes to Heaven or Hell.

    We are not saved by our actions, we are saved by God’s grace, and only God’s grace. If we change our actions it will not make a difference, it is where our heart is that makes the difference ( are we with God, or not).

    What are we showing the world with our actions? Are we showing love and compassion? What are the fruits on our tree?

    Please think about this.

    God bless you,
    From a God loving sinner


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