Atheists To Win!

17 May

Great news today for the Secular Movement as Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor declares that the practice of being intolerant to anyone of any religious belief will ultimately wipe out Christianity.

Yes!  It’s true.  Every time you berate someone for believing in an omnipotent and and ever loving Sky Fairy you grate away a little bit at them until you get them to the point where they not only won’t express such awful and untrue things they also won’t practice any part of the Christian ethos, tolerance, trust and compassion will be eschewed by them particularly with regards to you.  Remember, whatever they say about their faith just go “It’s not true, you’re fooling yourself, are you stupid?  Maybe you want young boys to be molested.”  Eventually they’ll either cave or they’ll hit you.  So stand there holding your bloody nose and go “Dats nod a bery Grisdian agd, you gahd really be Grisdian gad you?” and call your own damn ambulance, no one’s going to do it for you.


You don’t need to have a Christian framework to be compassionate.  But some people like to.  Some people find faith, security and solace in belief.  Why do other people feel a compunction to rip that away from them?

Sure bad things have been done dishonestly in the name of faith but so have good things, honestly.  Why do some atheists feel the need to throw the baby out with the bathwater?  Many of us of faith have seen the awful things done by some people claiming to be act in the name of God and we deplore them too.  It doesn’t mean that we’re going to rip apart faith to expunge them.  When you find a bad apple in your fruit bowl do you take the whole bowl out and burn it?

Incidentally, intelligent readers will have spotted my conspicuous use of the word “some”.  Some atheists, some Christians.  There are no hard and fast rules for either group (although some Christians do follow rules that are both hard and fast).

That “some” with Atheists won’t apply to David Penberthy who penned an interesting article a couple of years ago entitled, “Please God Spare Us The Born Again Atheists“, in which he deplores the behaviour of many nouveau Atheists in the Dawkins mould who feel a compunction to go out into the world and evangelise their lack of faith:

“The once gentle conviction that there is no God, and that in an ideal world, everyone would stop fighting over the supremacy of their imagined deity, is increasingly becoming the preserve of aggressive loudmouths who are every bit as annoying as those Jehovah’s Witnesses who used to knock on the door at 9am on a Sunday while you were sleeping off a big night.”

And so I find myself in agreement with a Cardinal and an Atheist.  Funny place to be in.


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