The Price Of Gender Equality?

04 Jul

An interesting little theory I ran across years ago and have since seen expounded more than once that appears to hang together but is probably worth the paper it’s printed on.

Gender Equality is the cause of the economic bubble (and a bunch of other stuff).

Gender Equality led to more women working, thus to greater disposable income and thus to more inflation, it also led to the ageing population as more women put off having children and having careers instead.  Employment will have been impacted as some jobs done by men will have been done by equally qualified women and all this will have impacted inflation and the property bubble as prices rose to accomodate the disposable money and the increased borrowing power of these dual income couples.

So the impacts are:

  • Ageing population (and hence the need for economic immigrants)
  • Property Bubble
  • Unemployment
  • Inflation

All going to unsustainable levels and the inevitable crash.

Seems a bit neat, a bit too neat.  I don’t subscribe to single causes of issues.  You could see, though, how it could be used by an unscrupulous person.  Heck we could probably throw in Adolf Hitler for starting a war that led to more women working outside the home and showing that they are every bit as capable as men.

But then Godwin.

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Posted by on July 4, 2012 in Commentariat, Politics


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