A Threat To Blow Up The Guardian

31 Jul

So what is and isn’t now acceptable in social media?

The twitter joke trial has ended and it’s apparently okay to threaten to blow something up if you aren’t menacing:

“The appeal against conviction will be allowed on the basis that this ‘tweet’ did not constitute or include a message of a menacing character; we cannot usefully take this aspect of the appeal further.”

Whereas “Riley” threatening Tom Daley does include a message of menacing character:

“i’m going to find you and i’m going to drown you in the pool you cocky t*** your a nobody people like you make me sick”

Quite an ironic one too.


“i dont give a shit bruv i’m gonna drown him and i’m gonna shoot you he failed why you suporting him you cunt”

[Why does he * out twat but not cunt?  What’s that all about?  Surely the latter is more offensive than the former.  Bizarre.]

On top of that you get Brendan O’Neill’s revelation that social media and the media in general is a bit left wing, so dissing the Olympic Ceremony is apparently unacceptable (I didn’t think it was too bad, I was mainly messing with my phone and making drinks throughout it but what I saw wasn’t awful, it did seem a bit lefty, but what the heck, lefty is what’s acceptable, being right wing these days is just mean!  The real right wing should probably reclaim itself from the racists at some point but that’s another blog for another day.)

On a personal note I’ve seen that making slightly nasty jokes about atheists can only result in a torrent of abuse.  They’re very sensitive.  Apparently giving up on God makes you unhappy.  Maybe there’s a lesson in there.

So my question is when will the tweet:

OK, @Guardian atheists, you’ve got a week to fairly represent the love of a Christian God or I’m blowing up your offices!

Be acceptable?

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One response to “A Threat To Blow Up The Guardian

  1. kargosh

    August 3, 2012 at 2:13 am

    No, absolutely not. It’s a disgraceful slur against a respectable newspaper…

    Nah, rustling your jimmies. it’s clearly a joke.


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