Yeah … Well … Politicians innit?

02 Jan

A great many people seem to have adopted a policy of blaming politicians for everything as a means of abdicating personal responsibility for anything.

Given any situation, any discussion, any thing some people will adopt a position of saying “Oh well it’s politicians.” Then they can not do anything themselves to remedy anything because it’s not their fault.

This personal policy of allocating blame and washing hands is used as displacement by many to avoid action. “Why should I do anything? It’s Politicians hand in hand with the bankers who have created this situation, let them sort it out … the bastards.”

A recipe for idleness and inactivity.

But why should we sit around waiting for someone else to sort out the world? Do we not have abilities ourselves? Do we not have capabilities ourselves?

Is it in my interests to sit around while I blame someone else for the situation I’m in? To some that seems to be an ideal situation. Personally I find that to be an awful state of affairs. I could not sit around idle for that length of time, I can sit around idle for a reasonable length of time (ask my wife) but after a while even I would need to get up and do something.

So … as to the politicians … In Ireland we elect our politicians through a process called “democracy”. What happens is every few years we “elect” these politicians from a number of available “candidates”. Who can be a “candidate”? Anyone? Absolutely anyone who is an Irish citizen. So if you’re an Irish citizen and you think that all politicians are corrupt self-interested bastards in the hands of big business and you can convince others who have the same concerns that you are not one of these miscreants then you could be a candidate and maybe even get elected. You could run as an independent and by being willing to work with other such independents you could work together to turn the country around. That’d just be amazing, wouldn’t it? At this point someone will normally say “Oh well, you can’t trust independents, they won’t work together, you’ll end up with lots of people pulling in different directions.” To such people I ask, if it was you would you want to work together for the greater good or would you want to pull in your own direction? If you were electing an independent would you vote for someone who would pull together or pull in their own direction? If you wouldn’t want to work together, don’t stand. If your candidate wouldn’t want to work together, don’t vote for them. Are you, as part of the electorate, incapable of electing representatives of who would serve the greater good?

As to yourself, outside the direct sphere of politics and elections, what can you do? Could you lobby? Could you represent wider interests through activism and engagement? Could you do something, anything? Would you?

And as to the wider economy … Apparently that’s not your fault either. Apparently there’s no point having any sort of idea of any sort of enterprise because no one will ever trust you to do anything with it. No one will ever invest in you and no bank will ever lend you any money. And is that so surprising if you won’t even have the trust in yourself to try because you’re sitting back and waiting for the government and the politicians you don’t trust to do something?

So have an idea, have a dream, write a business plan, go to the banks, go to investors, try something, do something, because they don’t own your ability to achieve. You own your ability to achieve.

Or would you prefer to just sit around and go “Oh well, it’s not my fault.”


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4 responses to “Yeah … Well … Politicians innit?

  1. kargosh

    January 2, 2013 at 11:25 am

    To be fair to these people, ‘politicians’ have, by definition, accepted the job of running the world, so they should really be expected to do something. Once you stop demanding that your politicians perform, once you stop expecting them to act in anything other than the most venal, self-serving manner possible, then what are they actually for?

    I remember similar arguments being deployed the last time the Tories utterly fucked everything up. Is it the 26th anniversary of ‘the natural party of government’ last winning an election yet?

    • Damocles

      January 2, 2013 at 11:33 am

      At the same time we have given them that job. Either by action or inaction. We can engage or we can go “Oh yeah … well …” and disengage washing our hands of everything.

  2. opus diablos

    January 2, 2013 at 11:45 am

    Not a lot to disagree with on face value, but oversimplistic.
    You make no mention of the media or financial brokers . Try getting a letter in any mainstream outlet that challenges anything fundamental. And if you think the Roman church has slipped away quietly to lick its wounds you underestimate the cult.
    I tried to set up The Regressive Hypocrite Party in the late 80s to challenge the emerging PD monetarist idiocy that wasted so much of the last 25 years energy on short-term me fein gombeenery. I drew up ten central points I wanted DISCUSSED(I had no major desire for a bench, front or back, in the Doll). I was interviewed and fobbed and ignored. The Chicago Boys were already well embedded.
    I suggest you read Naomi Klein’s ‘Shock Doctrine’ and Michel Chossudovsky’s ‘Globalisation of Poverty’ for an insight into the irrelevance of our political charade you innocently call ‘democracy’.
    I imagine you are already familiar with Machiavelli.

  3. Alistair (@martin_alistair)

    January 31, 2013 at 9:01 am

    Heartily concur with your sentiments! Doing anything to help ourselves or others is infinitely better than moaning about whose fault it is.


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