Mobile Provider Choice

04 Feb

How do you choose a new mobile provider? I’m out of contract with three and looking.
You ask them, you ask your mates and you do a bit of research.

Data on three is a bit crap at the moment, you move between masts and that data indicator stays on but there’s no data there.  It’s very annoying.  It reestablishes eventually but it’s not great.  And I’ve checked with friends, it’s not me, it’s not my phone, it’s them.  So …

Two Sims, one for me, one for my wife.  We have HTC Ones.  I’ve got the X and she has the V.  We’re happy with them.  They do the job.  I’ve got an otter box for mine and I’m not switching.
She’s a heavier calls user than me, I’m a heavier data user.
We both need to call to the UK, she more than me.  And at least one phone will need data in the UK.  We’ll both be making calls in the UK.  We get over at least twice a year.

So I asked them, simple tweet, outlining requirements. 

O2 came back within an hour, full of friendly info.  I left O2 previously because their smartphone plans were a bit lame but they seem to have stepped up on that front.

Three came back shortly after but went silent when I asked about the data reestablishing issue.

Vodafone and Meteor haven’t bothered.  Maybe they’ve got lots of cash and don’t want mine.

My big concern about O2 is the merger with Three.  If Three’s data is a wee bit shite now, will O2’s go the same way?

And there’s one other concern.  How do these providers perform inside my local.  Meteor never worked there, but they don’t want my money apparently.

So far O2 is looking to be the best of the bunch.  Any thoughts?

Edit: Vodafone respond to a nudge. Interesting plans with a roaming charge similar to O2 but with a little bit more data …


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2 responses to “Mobile Provider Choice

  1. kargosh

    February 4, 2014 at 11:01 am

    I’ve found Giffgaff to be good and cheap.

    Really good to see you posting again. I thought you’d fallen off the edge of the world.

    • Damocles

      February 4, 2014 at 11:04 am

      Family, another kid on the way. And ingress.

      Giffgaff no exist in Ireland.


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