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In view of the various deaths from online bullying it appears that kids (and maybe a few adults) need to be educated on dealing with idiots.

Someone who tries to bully you online is an idiot.
Someone who can’t respond to something you say online without recourse to personal abuse is an idiot.
Someone who down thumbs or otherwise denigrates something you say online without offering any sort of constructive explanation is an idiot.
Someone who, on the basis of no relation with you apart from an online one, tries to act like they “expected better of you” is an idiot.
Someone who spends untold amounts of time trying to wind you up online is an idiot.

Do you care what idiots think of you?  Should that make you change your behaviour or react?  No.  Of course not.  Ignore the idiots.


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Protest Voting Makes No Sense

This is directed at Protest voters, not at people who voted for candidates they truly believed in.  Despite what some of the papers are saying one or two people didn’t vote as a protest, they voted for people they thought could make a real change to the way their local authority functions and maybe to reward them for what they’ve done in the  past.

No, this is about people who looked at what was going on Westminster with Dave and Nick and said “Oh I don’t like that” and voted Labour locally in order to protest.

So you’ve got rid of some local councillors who may have been working hard to help you and your local community, maybe for years.  People who may have some influence with your local MP or may have some association with the main party that is in power.  You’ve replaced them with someone who is ‘led’ by Ed Miliband.  The Opposition Leader.  A man who has little influence over your local authority and little influence over government policies that influence your local authority.  Your local authority now has the same budget restrictions and challenges that it had yesterday but now it has some much greener people running it.  Well done.

Sure, in a few years Labour might be in power and your local councillors might then be able to influence people who influence people who influence change but in the meantime … And anyway Labour will turn out to be a right shower again and then you’ll get rid of all your Labour councillors to protest at Westminster again, that’ll show ’em.

I’m not saying you should necessarily re-elect the same councillors again and again, or you should necessarily elect people who are in the same party as the party in power, that’s equally stupid.

Surely when you elect people at a local level you should elect people who think and function with the needs of the local community at heart and not on the basis of what is going on in the Westminster bubble, which is barely aware of you.  Anyone who tries to drag national policies, that have nothing to do with the local government remit, into local electioneering is clearly an imbecile.  If you vote for an imbecile or you vote in an imbecilic way then you can’t very well complain when central government acts like the electorate are idiots.

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